From Editor Dayakbaru:

BN has always told the non-Muslim that PAS is an extremist Islamic Party. We do not judge by rhetoric anymore. We non- Muslim will judge by action and deeds of the party. It is very obvious that PAS is a better Islamic Party then UMNO – or even PBB in Sarawak. It is a learning organization that respect other religion and practiced highly discipline politic. UMNO and PBB are very “corrupt” and the leaders are less then principled.PAS supported Christian in using the word “Allah”.It is UMNO/BN that is against Christian from using the word Allah.How? In UMNO we can see the so many cases of corrupt practices involving UMNO lawmakers. In Sarawak we know PBB politician are robbing Dayak of their land through power abuse. They are given plantation land, where many resold the land to investor for quick moany. the people loss their land to PBB politicians.

We must invite PAS to talk to us of their party struggle. Kelantan, Kedah and before this, Trengganu were Governed by PAS. It is the ugly UMNO led Federal Government that caused problems to their rule in Trengganu and Perak, and now Kedah. UMNO has no political principles but full of politician with personal get rich quick agenda.
KLANG: Powered by its acceptance in Sibu, Pakatan Rakyat coalition partner PAS is now planning to appoint non-Muslims as senators and as candidates in the 13th general election.Speaking to the PAS supporters wing in Klang today, president Abdul Hadi Awang said the largest Islamic movement was looking into appointing non-Muslims to state-held senate seats.

“PAS is happy to appoint non-Muslims to the senate to represent Malaysia’s multi-racial society. We also looking at non-Muslim candidates for the 13th general election.“In fact this is already being discussed at the party’s leadership level,” he said.On May 16, the Pakatan coalition swept to victory in a nail-biting finish for the Sibu parliamentary seat.The win has been attributed in part to PAS willingness to discuss the contentious ‘Allah” issue with Sibu’s predominant Christian community.Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad and Kota Raja MP Siti Maria Mahmud had held open discussions with church groups on PAS stand.

At the height of the arson attacks on churches in January 2010 following a high court ruling allowing Christians to use the term “Allah’ in prayer, PAS and its coalition partners had remained firm in support of freedom to practice ones faith.

Committed to unity

Hadi said PAS’s openness in accepting non-Muslims into its fold and its acceptance among the many races proved its commitment to the Pakatan’s unity agenda.
“PAS is trying to unite the various races by opening its door to the non-Muslims.
“We reaffirmed our commitment to unity when we decided to upgrade the PAS supporters club to being an equal to the youth, women and ulama wings,” he said.

Meanwhile PAS supporters wing chairman Hua Pang Chow said PAS had achieved its aim of uniting Malaysia, which Barisan Nasional had failed after 52 year of rule.
“One Malaysia is actually PAS spirit. The aim of making Malaysia a heaven for all races and religion is and has been PAS’s objective since 1951,” he said.
Since 2008, PAS has been actively engaging the interest of non-Muslims in the country.Also present today were PAS leaders deputy president Nasaruddin Md Isa and vice-presidents Salahuddin Ayub and Mafuz Omar, PAS Selangor commissioner Hassan Ali, Khalid, Selangor exco member Ronnie Liu and Kapar MP S Manikavasagam.