Written by: Dr.John Brian Anthony

Kerubong Tekura NO MORE!

I remember in the last election those SNAP candidates were accused of using “kerubong tekura” – : empty tortoise shell because of its legal standing when contesting the last State election. It means SNAP is an empty party without hope.
MDC (Malaysian Dayak Congress) effort to get registered were denied by the Government at that point in time (2006) and a decision was made to be together with SNAP. In the last election, SNAP won a seat of DUN Engkilili. Instead of nurturing SNAP to become stronger and fight for Sarawak people’s issue Johnichol Rayong, the SNAP sole winner he decided to be come a BULL FROG. He is expected to be admitted to join BN/SUPP. It is a blessing for MDC /SNAP not to have a leader like Johnichol Rayong who only has a personal agenda to make himself rich.

Taib says SNAP can ask to join BN

Edwin Dundang and Stanley Jugol, SNAP President and Secretary General respectively says SNAP is with Pakatan Rakyat now. Taib say SNAP can rejoin BN subjected to component parties collective decision.Suddenly, SNAP become relevant again. It is the oldest multi-racial party in Sarawak and SNAP has a colourful political history. SNAP has given “birth” to the deregistered PBDS and current SPDP. Even PRS leadership were mostly from SNAP. Many of the leadership of PKR Sarawak were previously from SNAP. Actually, PKR has many former SNAP members.It is important that SNAP will move towards a new political era, an era of multi-racialism in Sarawak. It is the only local political party with a multi-racial face.

What is expected of SNAP?

In this blog, we have two opinions on SNAP. There are some Dayakbaru who wanted SNAP to die a natural death. Neverthless there are as many Dayakbaru who feels that SNAP must be made active again as it is the only Pakatan Rakyat component that is Sarawak based. PKR , DAP and PAS are Malaya party.Many Sarawakian are not comfortable to be a member of PKR, DAP or PAS. In this instance now, SNAP is a very attractive alternative and a political platform that Sarawakian is most familiar with. SNAP understand Sarawak politics very well and without the threat of being de-registered it should be a party of choice for many young Dayak.Here, the young Sarawakian must regroup again and think carefully of their vision and strategy to counted as a strong political player in Sarawak. SNAP needs money and most of all it needs supporters with Sarawak interest at heart.

SNAP Leadership

It is understandable that many of the current SNAP leaders has been with SNAP for a long time. Their loyalty to the party and personal principle has been tested and they come out on top.SNAP will need to blend in young leaders to give the party the energy to carry out its activities while the old leaders provide the wisdom and reminders.The first priority for SNAP would be to re-energize its branches and membership drive to get party supporters and workers together. Those who are not comfortable with being members of PKR, DAP and PAS will find a satisfying membership in SNAP. Of course SNAP will work towards revamping its political goals, organization and role to eventually become the back bone of Sarawak politics.

Membership with SNAP

Those of you who feel that you want to be part of the Pakatan Rakyat struggle but insist that we must have a Sarawak based party – this is a golden opportunity to be part of the Change WE Must.


There are certain personality in SNAP that has interfere with SNAP struggle and direction. It is the most appropriate time for SNAP to make new changes as this is its golden opportunity to rid itself of “musuh dalam selimut”.Here we go again – a chance for us to make a change that will bring Sarawak and Dayak to a higher level of political and economic progress through changes in Government.