SIMUNJAN – Seven suspects who were held in connnection with a blaze last week that destroyed a timber campsite belonging to a logging company linked to Raziah Mahmud, sister of the Sarawak Chief Minister, were released Monday morning.
Nicholas Mujah, a native rights activist, together with four longhouse chiefs and two others walked out of the Simunjan police station, a day earlier than expected under the remand order.Their arrests were condemned by NGOs and was covered by international media.

The seven, who are NCR landowners, were alleged to have staged a blockade of the logging camp which claimed they torched equipment at the site. They were freed on police bail of RM1,000 each with one surety and ordered to report to Simunjan police on Nov 25.Mujah, his brother Sadon Anak Ason and another person, Numpang Anak Suntai, were detained on Friday after their statements were taken.The four others, Tinsi anak Bunda, Philip Anak Bakat, Neli Anak Nipa and Bawi (only one name given) were arrested a day earlier. Sadon, Philip, Neli and Bawi are longhouse chiefs.

The police also took statements from 10 other persons from six longhouses, but they were not detained. PKR state publicity chief See Chee How, who is a lawyer, represented the seven. He said they were not charged with any crime.