Congratulation BN

Hulu Selangor was a tough fight for the Federal Government versus Pakatan Rakyat State Government. Issues were both “personal” and local needs. The amount and nature of personal attack on PKR candidate was beyond the limit of fair play. If such personal attack is repeated towards the Dayak BN leaders in Sarawak, over their drinking, womanizing etc many families would be broken.

At the end of the day, the Malay lose out to BUY election and “HIDUP MELAYU” slogan. RM5 million given to 100 families on the table to buy back land that were meant for commercial houses project that fail. The company that advance the money belong to UMNO. At least the Felda settlers was solved for the time being.

The Chinese votes were solidly behind PKR and so is the Indian votes. The “saluran pemuda” vote was overwhelmingly towards the Opposition. The movement of 13,000 votes engineered by the government has a telling effect overall.

It is heartening to note that the young voters are voting for justice, fairness, transparency and accountability. With that, the future of the country is for change as the older voters dwindle and younger voters take over their place.

Buy election in Sibu

We can expect the government to buy votes in Sibu in the coming by election.


There is no fair election in Malaysia – because BN is a corrupt government and employ corrupt ways.