Yes PM Najib, our brothers and sisters have endured that for more than 40 years! Mind you that is Thief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud’s Politics of Development! Kapit went through 45 years of lobbying before the surveyors finally went to survey the terrain and design the road linking to Sibu at the height of Sibu By Election. For Kapit, we are quite sure Tememggong Jugah have heaved a sight of relief and thank you for being considerate.

That is despite we have so much resources. Where have the money gone to?

Have Thief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud, Deputy Thief Minister Afraid Jabu who is in charge of looking into the welfare of the Penans done their job?

RM100 million for 42 km trunk road to Miri
RM6 million for mini hydro electric project
RM1 million for road linking Kampung Long Banga to a small airfield
RM1/2 million for the implementation of a mobile clinic project in Kampung Long Jekitan

Total Spent – RM107,500,000.00 and will this see the light of the day!
Have you instructed the engineers and surveyors to start packing and set up camp at Ulu Baram!

Oh remember to remind them not to sexually abuse the Penans though as what YB Fadillah said at aged 14 they are unable to keep their legs closed. Whether they are Penans or Pakatan Rakyat Sarawak supporters, PM Najib, you should also tell them if they are in any way sexually violated, it is still Statutory Rape.

We hope you and Datin Seri Rosmah can come to remote and rural Sarawak once a month and conduct a walk about to understand why we label our Yang Kasihi Thief Minister Abdul Raib Mahmud a Thief along with his lap dog, Deputy Thief Jabu