Written by: Dr. John Brian Anthony

When I read about this Prime Minister promised and that RM$20 million has been allocated for the work, it make me lost more respect for BN. Why?

Sarawak land matters is non of the Prime Minister business

In the first place, Prime Minister Najib has no business or power over Sarawak land law and policies. The Sarawak land code is totally different from the National Land Code in Malaya. Najib can promised anything but the person who has the power over land matters is the Sarawak Chief Minister. Nevertheless, it is good that we witness the direct involvement and concern of the Prime Minister over NCR land in Sarawak. Now we know that the Prime Minister is in the know, hopefully his information is accurate as Jabu tend to lie a lot about the real situation in Sarawak in his briefing to Federal Government.

When and where will the NCR survey start?

We saw recently in the local newspaper that a lot of land title has been issued to the Muslim Malay community. We expect to see the Dayak are also given land title.
Certain BN Yb explained that Dayak NCR land are not issued with titles because they will sell their land. If you think that the statement is silly, the YB person who gave such statement is an idiot! In order to be rich, urban people must sell their land, buy more land, develop the land into factory, housing, shop lot, sell the develop land with properties etc and become rich.
So what is the validity of the reasoning that Dayak must never sell their land. Or Dayak will sell their land when they are given titles to the land.
Why do we need Federal allocation to survey our land?

Taib has been selling so much state land to the plantation companies. Where is all that money gone to? I would venture to say that Sarawak would have enough money to survey all the NCR land and issues them with title if the Government is being fair to the people.

When we gain our independence – what does it means by freedom? It means that one of our freedom is the right to have our own land and prosper with it. why are we not getting that from our very Sarawak Government.Why is it that foreign companies can easily buy land and own land in Sarawak to the extend that the Government rob off the Dayakland and sell it to non Sarawakian? Is that a correct policy or has the policy been changed to allow for the politician with political power to benefit from the sales of the land and accumulate so much land for the companies that are link to the them. Does that mean that the local politician buy the land very cheaply from the Government for which they can sell at a much inflated price to make easy money? Is that not one of the mechanism ti get rich quick in Sarawak? Now you tell me if I am wrong.


We must always remember that BN always sell the idea that changes can only be made through BN. We allknow that as voters we can put pressure on the Government to do the things that we want them to do otherwise we DO NOT FOR BN in the coming state election. Pakatan Rakyat may offer a more fair solution to us Dayak after all most of the NCR land lawyers are with PKR and DAP today. These lawyers are also leaders of PKR and they should have a better knowledge of what is right or wrong and what work or what do not work.

We must dare to change this current Government. Change WE Must. We cannot trust Najib, unless we see that the promised is delivered NOW!