Sarawak’s Minister Wong Soon Koh proposal to extend the operation reflexsology centers, as reported by the press, is considered very seriously by PAS. PAS is clearly rejected the proposal. The reasoning cited as to lure more tourists to the areas is too lean and that particular time ,at very very late midnight consider to be the peakhours(1-230 AM) is something stupid and will cause more fear to any lady in this state. No woman/wife will think at 1-2 am;their husband go to the massage parlours not to involve in any hanky-panky job.

Clearly rubbish justification by this Minister . Its been circulated on several news ; confirmed that most of this centers run an immoral activities ;as well cause the blind reflexology centers business fail to gain the market. The issues of China Dolls until now not resolved . Furthermore ;the moral crisis such as abortion; illegal sex;rape is increasing due to this immoral activities hiding behind the center.

The policy to attract more tourists to Sarawak should not be by promoting Sarawak as an entertainment center . Sarawak should be protrayed by the beautiful beaches and the environment, traditional crafts as well as world class educational hub. Tourists come to Sarawak to explore the uniqueness of the place.

If they want to come for night lives entertainment, might as well they go to Las Vegas or Amsterdam. Not Sarawak!The extension of the operation will definitely brings more security problems to the workers and people surrounding the areas. The clubs patrons will end up drunks and this will cause road accidents due to to drunk driving and other troubles like gangstersm and freesex.

The proposal shows that the minister is not sensitive to the social ills that is plagueing the City now such as the spread of massage parlours, entertainment centers that run immoral activities, drug abuse etc. And these ills are now getting the schools. The Minister should take stern actions to check these social ills and concentrate on human development not cause them to spread more.

PAS is hereby vocally reject the proposal by the minister to extend the operation hours of entertainment/reflexsology centers, based on moral grounds and to curb the cancerous social ills that plagueing us now. It is all better for Sarawak to be known as a state with high moral and cultural values as well its tertiary mindedness.
Surah al-Baqarah ayat 208 yang bermaksud :
“ Wahai orang orang yang beriman ;masuklah kamu kedalam ISLAM keseluruhannya dan janganlah kamu ikut jejak langkah Syaitan”

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