Taken from: Malaysian Today by Dayakbaru

I was quite disturb when 4 days later Jabu responded by saying that only “matured NCR” would be survey first. What is a matured NCR? A new term has been coined and no body has a definition of it? What does it means – my guess is as good as yours.
Now, another of my concern will be where will the RM$20 million money go to – as matured NCR sound very dubious. Sarawak is well known for misdirecting fund – will this fund be misdirected again that instead of carrying out NCR perimeter survey we may end up not doing anything but duplicate the already completed title for Salcra NCR land. Can it be that way?

What surprises me most is, PKR has so few word to say about the matter. Baru Bian stressed on the need to include the 4 categories of NCR. Other then that there seemed to be no further argument. I would expect a more active response from PKR as NCR land issue is one of their most important objective to solve. Maybe it is an oversight and if not then we can expect a more detail response from PKR. Why?
I am sure BN will use the allocation to rebut PKR attack on government land grab and its refusal to recognize NCR land. We will just wait and see.

Change WE MustRM$20 million is not enough

Firstly of course, this amount of RM20 million is not enough. Najib knows it and Taib knows it. They can pour RM100 million into the survey exercise and it still won’t be enough.The truth is that survey will only solve part of the problem. And part of the real problem is the Sarawak Land Code itself, which only recognizes NCR land prior to 1st January 1958. In other words, land settled and cultivated by natives after 1958 is NOT recognized as NCR land. Natives settling and cultivating those lands AFTER 1958 are regarded as squatters and trespassers on State land.

The real problem is Taib himself.

Is Taib willing to recognize NCR land after 1958 and will the boundary survey take this into account? Will the Sarawak Land Code be amended to conform to recent court decisions or will the BN government continue to ignore the plight of the people? THAT is the issue!Many still claim ignorance of NCR land issues, which have been harped upon openly in the mass media by Taib and his favourite(?) barking dog, Awang Tanah. These issues are also the subject of hundreds of still pending court cases. Under the circumstances, ignorance is no excuse. Najib as the Prime Minister should also not be so ignorant of NCR land issues to think that merely surveying NCR land and issuing communal titles will work.

What about the hundreds of thousands or maybe a couple of million hectares of NCR land created after 1st January 1958? Are the hundreds of thousands of natives and their descendants today who have worked, and continue to work, on these lands to be relegated to the status of squatters and trespassers?


We must approach our NCR land issue very seriously as our future lies in keeping our NCR land. Land means everything to us as even bird would have to find shelter on trees that is planted on the land.