In response of SUPP statement that PAS cannot gain support from Mirian,PAS confident based on current assessment, PAS and Pakatan Rakyat can win 3 out of 5 seats in Miri and Sibuti,while with extra hard,and right strategy;we can achieve clean sweep for all seats in Miri area,InsyaALLAH. PAS for ALL concept is now fully implement and well accepted by all people in Miri.

PAS for All is PAS as a political platform for all Malaysians, not as a regional political party limited to East Coast or Northern Malaysia only, nor representing a specific religion of Islam and its believers only. PAS for all means that all visions and missions that the party espouses will broadly cover all Malaysians. It will be an umbrella in which, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, can share their visions, can claim a sense of belonging, and can be assured of equal protection and rights as citizens of Malaysia. It will also be a platform by which all Malaysians, regardless of their geographic distribution, will be assured of a just and fair treatment in enjoying the wealth of the country.