The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has reportedly detected government projects in Sarawak where up to 60 per cent of the funding was diverted.
“Based on the investigations the Sarawak MACC carried out on specific and real cases (projects), only about 40 per cent of the allocations were spent while the remaining 60 per cent is ‘bocor’ (leaked out),” MACC deputy chief commissioner (prevention) Zakaria Jaffar was quoted as saying.

The 300 residents of Kampung Semada Tengah, Kampung Semada Mawang and Kampung Semada Belatok near here will enjoy 24-hour electricity supply by 2013.The project which cost about RM5.2 million, granted under National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) for Rural Electricity Scheme, will begin early next year and is expected to be completed in two years.The supply will power up about 44 houses in the area.
This was announced by Balai Ringin assemblyman Snowdan Lawan at a ceremony to hand over upfront payments to villagers who joined the Semada Block Native Customary Land (NCR) land development at Kampung Semada Tengah on Friday.

Is this for real?

It seems that the “light” is given the kampung because they agreed to develop their land on JV concept.I wonder who own the company Harn Len Bengunan Sdn Bhd? Is it own by a YB, a proxy or a bona fide investor.Why did Snowdan used Government project money for lighting to entice or undue influence the people to join the JV. At $5.2 million cost for providing “light”, it means the cost of bringing electricity to ONE family is $118,181.00 ( one hundred and eighteen thousand per family approximately). Is this real or does this mean that 60% of the allocation may be “misdirected”?

Upfront payment for what?

What is the meaning of “up front” payment to NCR land owner mentioned by Snowdan? Is it a terminology to deny acknowledging Dayak NCR land compensation, incentive to participated in the JV because $59,000 divided by 33 landowners is small money ( approximately $1,787 per family). Does that reflect a fair compensation?

No clean drinking water still

What is more important is the statement that “Clean Drinking Water” is still not available to the kampung. Where is Snowdan priorities? I view this practices as unhealthy because there is element of doubt on the sincerity of services given to the kampung people in exchange for allowing their land be used for JV plantation development.This is what we want to change in BN, the elected representative do not seem to serve without hidden personal wealth agenda. Change WE Must.