45 years after split, Singapore’s economy may finally overtake Malaysia’s this year
Singapore’s gross domestic product will cap its fastest annual growth this year since independence, rising as much as 15 percent to about $210 billion, while the economy of Malaysia, a country 478 times its size, will expand 7 percent to $205 billion, government forecasts show. The nations are scheduled to release their 2010 data by February.

DayakBaru thoughts:

I often wonder whether Sarawak could be better economically than it is today if it has left Malaysia and become a sovereign country like Singapore? Sarawak has rich natural resources and today Malaya us sucking 95% of Sarawak’s oil and gas money. 40% of Malaysia income come from oil and gas. Would the Twin Tower be in Kuala Lumpur or the F1 race be held in Sepang. Sarawak may even have a Putra Jaya of the same class if not better because Sarawak population is small. Would we not have beautiful double carriage high way and four lanes each way from Sematan / Lundu to Limbang / Lawas

The very many UMNO/PBB politicians has become rich mostly from their plunders and abuse of position from power they got from the people. Today, UMNO/PBB is in power from the support of Sabah and Sarawak. What we Sarawakian got is more undelivered promises, lies,deceit and even interference with our free practice of religion and opportunities to work in our civil service.

There are much more that be said but it suffice for now. It is just a thought of Sarawakian lost opportunity to be a richer community, instead of depending on buffalo roads and rivers, clean water to drink and without the feeling of being treated as third class citizen by the present government.

65 Million for PM House for 1 year;what happen to folks at Kuala Baram,Kg Tukau,Tudan and lot of other places in Sarawak...What a real 1Malaysia..Rakyat Kena Dulu,Not Rakyat Didahulukan