MIRI – The Night Market or “Pasar Malam” at Saberkas Commercial Centre is still not settle accordingly whereby the hawker’s complaint that the new site is quite small and not conducive for them to run business. For visitors to this new site is not convenient for them to buy foods, drinks and so on because the place was congested, crowded and smaller compare with the existing one.

From safety point of view they said that this new location is quit dangerous to hawkers especially for hawkers that selling sate, boiling hot water, to roast chicken, fish and so on.

If there are too many people coming to buy foods at the site, this may cause congested, crowded and may cause unnecessary incident such as collide with something like boiling water, cooking oil etc. This site also will become polluted areas with smoke and dust. It’s not save for hawkers and customer to visit the site during peak hours.

From the perspective of the basic facilities such as clean water supply to wash the foods and drinks also not yet allocated. They have to take the water from nearby shop. No public toilet and drainage also not flooring smoothly it may cause smelly and blockage.

For the relevant authority such as MMC should think of this matter seriously and should provide the basic facilities before they force the hawkers to move to the new site. For safety purpose they should act smartly and fairly to everybody regardless of political differences and races. We PAS and Pakatan Rakyat always concern to the public problem arise by the hawkers not because of the political mileage, religion, race or colored. We come to help them to solve their problem according to the laws. PAS for all!

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