Assertions by Andy Chia, Pujut Current Assemblyman, in the media this week, to showcase the planning of PAS and Pakatan Rakyat if they manage to get the mandate from the public in the next state and general election, is actually a clear sign showing his uneasiness of the public acceptance to the PAS and Pakatan Rakyat in taking-over the rule of the state and the country. If this statement is paired with another statement uttered by a person who see himself an ‘ultra-Malay’; Tun Mahathir, who claimed that the power of the Malays will perish if PR takes over the country; depicts an utter apprehension of BN toward PR. Let not what Datuk Seri Ahmad Hanadzlah and Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir claimed last month that the investors stop coming to Malaysia due to their belief to the tell-tales of the oppositions. If these are the statements given out by people who are responsible for finance and investment within the country, henceforth, it is better that the people mandate be given to the Pakatan Rakyat so that more investors come to this country.

PAS questions the seriousness of the management of the country economy by the BN Government which cause the FDI in Malaysia drops. According to a report produced by the ASEAN Secretariat, Malaysia only managed to get USD1,381million worth of investment in 2009 as compared to USD7,318million in 2008. The drop in total investment is the highest when compared to other ASEAN countries. Malaysia which is listed in ASEAN 5, is way behind Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand and Singapore. However, the state that is governed by Pakatan Rakyat managed to attract foreign investments. Kedah and Selangor, for example, received RM1.837billion and RM7.755 billion respectively. This shows that investors do have their trust in the PR states, where at the same time The Federal BN Government rants that the investor stop coming due to being influenced by the PR lies. But the most funny rants came from Tun Mahathir where he said that foreign investors have no money to invest.

PAS like s to remind the BN leaders in the like of Andy Chia, that investors do not come to this country because of other reasons that need to be contemplated by all leaders of the country. The foreign investors are not like investors in “Pak Man Telo” scheme. They have experts who study the probabilities and the prospects of the more conducive investment. How would the investors come if the agreement that clearly states that that a state should get its petro-royalty is literally not adhered to! They will definitely worry that what assurance will be to their investment, if even the agreement with their own people is bulldozed. They (the investors) are scared looking at the VK Linggam video clip which depicted the drama in the judiciary system. Above all, the blatant disregard of the people’s mandate in the Perak fiasco really frightens them off.

Race discrimination like the customary land grab and the rape of the Penan rights are issues that prove the failures of the BN planning. High Corruption Index in the other hand still unresolved and is becoming a lot worst. Look at the wealth of Taib Mahmud and his family. Even if, the ACA has changed its name to MACC (Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission), the ones that are caught only the small fish, while the sharks are still at large. Those caught are government officers but the political sharks escaped. All these are factors that distance the investors from our shores. If these conditions prevail, the claim by that Datuk Idris Jala that the country will become bankrupt by 2019 could come true. However, it is not too late to mend things. The BN government should relinquish their power before it becomes more cancerous and give it to the PR for them to proof that they have the capability to govern for the betterment of the rakyat.

In conclusion, Andy Chia, better complete the ‘planning’ of BN who caused Sarawak, which is rich with natural resources but people are poor, in dire need of infra-structure; rather than calculating in getting the excellent planning of the Pakatan Rakyat in insuring the welfare of the Sarawakians. Take a look at the Kg Sealine, Kg Wireless, Tudan Fasa 1 -6 and many others places with poor conditions. Do not just bark but act. As the momentum and acceptance of people at Miri towards PAS and Pakatan Rakyat is high Andy Chia should change with the ‘Green’ Party; PAS and PR, before getting sunk in the next election.


PAS Kawasan Miri
S.K YDP Kawasan , MT PAS Kawasan
Dewan Pemuda PAS Miri
Dewan Muslimat PAS Miri