SIBU – Thirteen longhouse folks lodged police reports this morning and last weekend over an oil palm plantation which had encroached into their lands.
The four Tuai Rumah who lodged police reports this morning were from Sg. Lenggan, Nanga Singat, Nanga Mawan and Nanga Sg. Seputah.
They were brought there by a man who wanted to be identified only as Robert. Robert, an Iban said the 13 long houses had formed a protem committee to look into the matter.

The protean committee appointed to look into the possible settlement of land sale issue and campaign against oil palm plantation at Pulau Lebaan were David Majang as Chairman, William Limbat Vice Chairman, Simon anak Amut Secretary and Anthong Ijan as Treasurer.He said they were not interested to turn this issue into a political one but the longhouse only wanted their own land back to do farming.
Robert said last weekend, the longhouse had already sent a protest against the intruding of the oil palm company which were encroaching into their NCR lands. He said in 1942, the British had given them land documents which they had with them. “The long house folks wanted to protect what belonged to them only,” he said adding that if they were unable to fight this alone, they would think of other options.

Last weekend, the 13 Tuai Rumah and representatives went to Rumah Francis Kiai anak Pengarah to seek for a dialogue session with Daro State Assemblyman, Murni Suhaili. They wanted to tell him that a company with heavy machinery had been constructing roads and drainage for the oil palm plantation starting at Pulau Lebaab.
Nine longhouse folks then lodged a police report on October 28th. When Murni did not turn up, the 13 lnghouse Tuai Rumah discussed among themselves and held a protest condemning the encroachment into their NCR lands.

The 13 Tuai Rumah/Wakil Tuai Rumah gathered for the dialogue session were from Rh. Seli, Rh. Lanting, Rh. Igat, Rh. Leang, Rh. Guang, Rh. Francis Kiai, Rg, Jawa, Rh. Nyait, Rh. Kaming, Rh. Bungkok, Rh. Baying, Rh. Jinga, Rh. Jimmy and Rh. Sintan.
Expressing their concern that the river there is their source of drinking and cleaning, the oil palm plantation would polluted the rivers as they did not have pipe water supply. They were equally worried about the environment of the plantation which would destroy the flora and fauna.The jungles, being part of their livelihood feed them with fish and food including wild mushrooms, bamboo shoots, bidin, planting of vegetables which would be destroyed with the plantation set up there.
The longhouse folks claimed that their land of 6,000 hectares had been sold for RM2.3millions and it was against their rights that their lands were sold without notifying them.The group of 13 Tuai rumah had also seek the help of a lawyer to set a court injunction against the oil palm company.