Assalamualaikum and very good day.

PAS Miri would like to highlight on the tremendous and unacceptable traffic jam at Miri-Lutong-Pujut 7 road. We would demand few items from the authorities either the federal government, state government, local government and Police Department of Malaysia:

1. We need clarification from the government on the on going projects at Pujut 7-Permyjaya roundabout that have cause the unacceptable traffic jam. There is no signboard or notification to the public on the activities/projects at the roundabout.

2. We demand an explanation from the government on the effective plan to solve the traffic jam at Miri-Pujut 7-Permyjaya road.

3. We urge the Miri Police Department to provide sufficient and necessary traffic aid/control during peak hours to reduce the uncontrolled traffic movement as well as unnecessary accident.

4. We demand BN government to fulfill thier responsibality to the rakyat/tax payers by providing effective and suffiecient road system.

Thanks & regards,

Mohammad Arifiriazul B Paijo

Chief Information of PAS Miri